Transition Program

The JEM Transition Program comprises the core of JEMfriends mission to provide stability and freedom for transitioning youth. The Transition Program meets the basic needs of the JEMyouth and positions them for success.

The Transition Program supports the youth with…

Transition Program plan: Each youth has an individualized program plan that created around their goals and education.

Housing: JEMfriends currently provides a home for the JEMyouth through the whole time they are in the Transition Program. In the home, the youth connect with the JEM Community, other JEMyouth, staff, and volunteers. JEMfriends staff work directly in schedule managing, basic living skills, conflict resolution.

Life Skills Training: Trainings include resume writing and building, budgeting and money management, health and nutrition, social skill development, homemaking, and more.

Mentoring: Many JEMfriends volunteer to mentor the JEMyouth by spending time with them, encouraging them, giving advice for their transition plans, and answering their questions as they transition.

Education support: JEMyouth receive guidance for obtaining their high school diploma and furthering their education through college or vocational schooling.

Employment support: JEMfriends assists in resume building, job interview coaching, gaining volunteer experience, networking, and more.

Medical and Counseling: JEMfriends ensures that the JEMyouth have access to all needed care for their physical and mental well-being.

Transportation: provides transportation to and from appointments, work, and job interview aswell as providing bus basses.

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