Transition Program

Transition Program Overview

The basic areas of support that we offer to the youth in our transition program are a transition program plan, housing, mentoring, life skills training, transportation, education support, employment support, and community.

  • Transition Program Plan: Each youth has an individualized program plan that is based on their goals and education.
  • Housing: JEMfriends provides a home for each JEMyouth, throughout the time they are in the transition program. In these homes, the youth are able to connect with the JEMfriends community (other JEMyouth and JEMfriends staff and volunteers).  JEMfriends’ staff also work directly with the youth on schedule management, basic living skills, conflict resolution, and other important areas.
  • Mentoring: Many of our JEMfriends volunteers specifically to mentor the JEMyouth by spending time with them, encouraging them, giving them advice, and answering their questions as they complete their program plans.
  • Life Skills Training: Life Skills Training sessions include instruction on topics such as resume writing and building, budgeting and money management, health and nutrition, social skills development, homemaking, and more.
  • Transportation: JEMyouth are provided transportation to and from appointments, job interviews, and work. They are also given bus passes and support to help them purchase bikes or vehicles.
  • Education support: Each JEMyouth receives guidance to help them obtain their high school diploma/GED and further their education through college or vocational schooling.
  • Employment support: JEMyouth receive assistance in building their resumes, interviewing for jobs, gaining volunteer experience, networking, and more.

If you are interested in our transition program, please visit the pages listed below.