The Need
  • There are 500,000 children in foster care across the country and each year, 20,000-24,000 age-out
  • Idaho has 1,350 youth in foster care and each year about 12% of Idaho foster youth age-out
  • Nationally, up to 50% foster youth end up homeless within 18 months of emancipation
  • 22-30% foster youth are incarcerated within 2 years of leaving foster care
  • Less than 50% of foster youth complete high school within 2 years of aging-out
  • 42% have become single parents

Aging-out youth face tremendous adversities which leave them facing the reality behind these devastating statistics. They need a supporting society to make a successful transition and defy the statistics. Learn more about how we support aging-out youth and how you can partner with us in supporting transitioning youth.