Liberty Barrett

Founder/Executive Director

Liberty Barrett grew up in the Boise, Idaho area as the third of seven siblings. From a young age, she nurtured a concern for the orphans and friendless in society and pursued friendships with those overlooked by many others. In 2009 Liberty, founded JEMfriends, a nonprofit organization in Boise with the  vision that each youth aging out of foster care has opportunities to flourish in a society that understands their adversity and supports them in becoming loving adults. Currently, Liberty serves as Executive Director for JEMfriends, leading several programs to support transitioning youth and carrying the message of their adversity.

Liberty also positively engages many youth through personal mentoring and coaching. She loves spending time with family and friends, being a best friend to all her siblings, and playing basketball. Her life goal is to passionately serve others in the Way of Christ, loving without overlooking a single person. Doing so, Liberty brings energy, inspiration, and unique perspective towards living every moment with meaning and intention.