Getting Involved

Be a JEMfriend 

A JEMfriend is any person who joins in the JEMfriends community through financial giving, volunteer hours, mentoring, participating in JEMfriends programs, prayer, meeting program needs, etc.

We are excited that you want to support aging-out youth! Please visit our volunteer page to learn the ways you can be involved and to  fill out our volunteer application.


JEMfriends is fully funded by individuals and churches. All donations go directly to support the JEMfriends programs and projects.

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Mentoring for Aged Out TeensMentoring
Many JEMfriends volunteer to mentor the JEMyouth by spending time with them, encouraging them, giving advice for their transition plans, and answering their questions as they transition. JEMfriends is working with other organizations and the state of Idaho to ensure that all youth in foster situations can have access to mentors.

Life Skills Training for Aged Out TeensLife Skills Trainings
JEMfriends recognizes that foster care does not give most youth the resources necessary to function as an adult in society. JEM Life Skills Trainings provide expert input and personalized advice about how to make one’s way. Trainings include resume writing and building, budgeting and money management, health and nutrition, social skill development, homemaking, and more.

Community Awareness Project
JEMfriends engages with many businesses and other community organizations at various events and seeks opportunities to speak with social workers and foster parents about the best ways to support youth. JEMfriends also hosts events for spreading knowledge about transitioning youth and JEM programs to all segments of society.