Dear Friends and Supporters, 

Thank you for yet another wonderful year of supporting JEMfriends and our youth! Because of you, we continue to accomplish our mission of bringing support and community to youth aging-out of foster care.  This year has been one filled with many highlights for both the organization and our youth.  We hope you enjoy reading our recap of the past year of accomplishments.

Each of us at JEMfriends has had the opportunity to witness great strides in various areas.  We were able to offer our transition program to sixteen youth, the greatest number of youth we have ever been able to support in a single year!  Additionally, we were able to offer more life skills classes, take our youth camping, and support a few of our youth in obtaining their driver’s licenses and vehicles through our car matching fund.  Several of our youth graduated high school or job-training school and even enrolled in college!  What an amazing year!

Every step along the way this year, the JEMfriends community of volunteers has been the support our youth needed.  Mentors walked alongside our youth as they went to college; volunteers taught our life skills classes; and others provided opportunities for vacation, jet skiing, boating, rafting, snow-tubing, horseback riding, and camping, among other highlights.  Each of these opportunities was a memorable moment for the youth at JEMfriends.  Thank you for each of your individual contributions!  

I feel there are so many individuals and groups to thank this year, and I want to take a moment to do so now.  Throughout 2019, we were blessed by the partnership of Treasure Valley Givers, which is a non-profit networking group that supports a local non-profit each year.  Last December, they selected JEMfriends as their 2019 non-profit.  Each business member pays dues, a large portion of which is donated to the organization’s selected non-profit for the year.  However, their support does not stop there!  TVG members also supported JEMfriends by volunteering their time and planning activities.  This past year, TVG organized an Idaho Gives event and a BSU stadium clean-up opportunity. Several of their members also volunteered to teach a few of our Life Skills Classes and supported us by attending our banquet.  Thank you, TVG for being such an integral part of our support team this last year!

I would also like to give a huge thank you to Lisa, who sponsored our youth’s birthday parties, and to Michelle, who brought amazing cakes to the birthday parties.  Thank you, Tamera, Bill, and Lauren for providing opportunities for our youth to get out into nature. Finally, thank you to Dan, Kara, David, Jacqueline, Stephen, and Jamie, who all provided opportunities for the youth to get in the water this summer.  The JEMyouth have all had amazing opportunities because of each of your investments of time, energy, and resources.     

As we wrap up 2019 and look forward to 2020, we are excited to continue to provide experiences and opportunities for our youth to grow. We can see the impact on lives today, as well as the futures that are built, and the families that are changed.  Please join us in continuing the work in 2020!    

Thank you!
Liberty Thompson, Executive Director