Board of Directors

Josiah Barrett, Board President – Owner of J-BAR Enterprises

Liberty (Barrett) Thompson, Founder and Executive Director of JEMfriends

Maryanna Young, Vice President of Governances – Maryanna Young has been a board member of JEMfriends for several terms and has a strong passion for the youth and for mentoring.  She is the CEO of Aloha Publishing in Eagle, which publishes nonfiction, business, leadership, and inspirational books for leaders in thought around the globe.  She has worked with numerous large brands including Nike, Ocean Spray, and Royal Caribbean while she was a sports agent for Olympic and Paralympic athletes.  One of her greatest accomplishments has been to establish one of the largest women-only 5K races in the US, which had a twenty-year history of success in supporting non-profit organizations.

Nathan Prong, Vice President of Sustainability – Nathan Prong is an ordained minister and has been pastor of several churches.  He attends Reflections Church, where he preaches occasionally.  Currently, he works with Hope House Inc. (a children’s home in Marsing, Idaho) as a direct-care staff worker, mainly with students from failed adoptions.

Deana Spracklen, Secretary – Deana Spracklen has enjoyed being a part of JEMfriends for several years, both as a mentor and board member.  She is an elementary school teacher in the West Ada School District.  Basketball and gardening are some of her favorite hobbies.  Most of all, she enjoys spending family time with her husband and daughter.

Shelly Hummel, Treasurer

Jacqueline Apsley – Jacqueline Apsley has been mentoring teens and young adults for over thirty years.  Having experienced a difficult childhood herself, she has a unique perspective and the capacity to come alongside teens and young adults in difficult situations.  She is passionate about continuing to use her experiences to contribute to the lives of young people aging out of foster care.