JEMfriends Annual Fundraiser Banquet

Our annual fundraiser banquet is one of our most important events.  It raises much of our financial support for each year, and it also provides a great opportunity for increasing awareness of aged-out youth and JEMyouth.  Each year, we host a knowledgeable speaker who presents relevant information, we share the progress of JEMfriends during the previous year, and we acknowledge and thank those who partnered with JEMfriends during that year.  It is a special time of celebration.

One of the major purposes of this event is to introduce new supporters to our organization. To accomplish this goal, we strongly encourage those who are interested in participating in our banquet to bring along anyone else who might be interested in supporting JEMfriends as well.  We would love to see you there.  Please watch our News and Events page to learn more details when we come up to this event.


We would like to sincerely thank those who gave to support the JEMfriends Banquet this year!  All of our sponsors made the banquet not only possible, but also a great success!  Thank you for being the amazing team of support that the JEMyouth need!